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We offer exceptional digital photo editing services to a wide range of clients from around the world. With quick delivery turnaround and high-quality output, our image editing services can help you recreate stunning and intriguing pictures that live up to their full potential.

Whether it’s an old photograph that needs to be restored, a portrait that needs to be edited for commercial projects or enhancing pictures from special occasions, we’ve got you covered!

Photo Manipulation

We provide high-grade photo manipulation services to business firms from various segments in the industry. You may reach out to us for all types of image enhancement services, which will refine the way you reach out to your customers.

The main goal of our image manipulation services is to take into account every little detail and carefully carry out all the editing changes regarding the lighting, model, foreground and background.

No matter what photo manipulation you need: head replacement, creative digital drawing or surreal photo manipulation services, our retouchers will help you.

Video Editing

Video editing is a smooth process, in which we edit unwanted portions from a randomly shot video, juxtapose useful shots so as to bring out a definite meaning, make the video polished by arranging the shots obtained from randomly shot footage into a meaningful sequence, and then embellish the video with background music and effects.

Our video editing professionals come with vast domain experience and leverage advanced video editing software including other specialized, unique techniques and processes to transform your raw, un-igniting videos into highly professional pieces of art. 

Visual Effects

We are one of the most trusted Visual Effects service providers. We provide intelligent and imaginative work in light of VFX for different purposes to our clients on their requests and need. Visual Effects are used on a large scale to make intelligent movies that are helpful for various purposes, and we make a point to give quality work.

At AICE Studio, our visual effects experts push the limits of what is possible creatively and technically at the most competitive costs. Whether you require a single Visual Effect shot, the complete post-production of your video, composition, animation, blurring, matte painting, set extension, rig removal, or environment creation, etc., we can handle any Visual Effect need.

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Asked Questions

How do you edit videos and photos?

We custom edit your videos and photos the way you want.  With our editing services, you can tell us exactly what you want and be involved as much or as little as you want.  Let us know and it’s done!

Don’t know exactly what you want?  Not to worry, leave that to us.  After a brief consultation, we will help you decide and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your video will be reviewed second by second and any unnecessary video footage will be removed, leaving behind only the best moments. With our creative team and skilled editors, editing services guarantees to give you a finished product you will love, share and treasure for years to come.

Will multiple people see and work on my video?

Although we have a team of editors, only one person will edit your video.  This way you can be certain that there is a consistency and a flow to your videos from beginning to end.

How long does the video editing process take?

We edit your videos in the order of your purchase. The quicker you get us your order and videos, the faster we can send you a fantastic finished product.

If it’s a “need it now” video for a memorial service, or any last minute project, you need to let us know right away. For a small fee, we can put a rush order on your video and we will get it to you when you need it with the same quality you expect from us.

Will my original videos and photos be returned?

Yes, they will. We will take extreme care of your video and/or photos as we transfer it to our video editing system.  We will mail you the finished work along with your originals.

I have video that I think I can edit myself.

Why should I send you my videos when I can edit it myself?

Video editing requires a very strong computer system.  If your computer is not “top of the line” it may take hours upon hours for your computer to edit your video and it may not render the way you expect. We only use professional grade software and equipment, which insures your video will look the way you want it to.

In addition, our professional team has years of experience, which insures the highest quality and most enjoyable video you can want, without the aggravation and frustration that editing your own videos can cause.

Can you improve the quality of my video?

Yes, using special software we can digitally enhance your video to adjust, color, brightness and contrast.  Although we cannot make a night scene seem like daylight, you will notice an improvement.