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Everyone has a story to tell. Yours is much more powerful than you know.

Animations make your brand more engaging and interactive. This makes them great assets to share on social media, distribute through email, feature internally and host on your website—they’re that versatile.

Our team of professional motion graphics designers have years of experience creating animations for a wide range of industries and access to a world of tools powering their creativity.

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Asked Questions

How much input will I have?

As much, or as little as you require. We understand that some clients like to be ‘hands on’ as much as possible with their projects and there are those that simply do not have the time to micro manage a campaign of this nature. Either way, we are more than happy to work in partnership with you, in the most accommodating, and effective, way possible.

Will I have to supply any artwork?

Only if you wish to. We produce ALL assets in house ourselves, so you don’t have to. If you do have a particular image/design you wish to provide our team with for use in the production then we are of course more than happy to include this within the project too.

Will you write the script of the animation or do you expect us to do so?

Both options are possible. Either you write the script or we write it for you based on the input you provide. If you prefer us to write the script, we will send you a content briefing template with a number of questions regarding your project, its objectives, and the messages you want to convey.

How can I be sure that my animated explanation will have the impact we want?

High impact is not just achieved with a nice animation. Your story also needs to be clear and easy for your audience to understand. Think of a typical person in your audience and imagine yourself in his/her place. A good approach is to start with catchy questions or examples that your audience can relate to. Then, tell them what the movie will be about. What will it explain? Next, you can focus on the content itself. Don’t forget a good conclusion, for instance a summary of the main things to keep in mind.

Will you correct or improve our script?

We will review and, if necessary, fine tune your script with respect to structure, style of writing, and supporting animation proposals. So you can rely entirely on our extensive knowledge and experience in creating didactic animation with a professional voice. We will send you a storyboard with our feedback and suggestions for improvement, which you are free to accept or not. As soon as you have reviewed the storyboard, we will use the final version for voice-over and animation.